Sustainability can be defined as using resources to meet the current needs without affecting the capability to meet future generations needs .

It can be broadly classified as :
(a) Social sustainability: products should be designed in a way such that they should satisfy customers needs and wants.

(b) Economic sustainability: companies should look towards using resources and raw materials in the best possible manner .

(c) Environmental sustainability: companies have to adopt best business practices in environmental management, waste water management, treatment of effluents and a host of other related issues.

We are LWG Silver and ISO 14001 certified company and we are fully compliant with all policies, laws, rules and regulations laid down by Global standards as well as local laws.

Being part of a Leather Cluster what we follow inside our Tannery complex is pre-treatment of waste water from the drums as well as auto sprays. This is done with settling tanks and solar evaporation. The pre-treated water is then sent via underground pipelines to the Common Effluent Treatment Plant where it is treated with state of the art technology and RO process. The treated water is sent back to us for use in our tanning process thus completing the cycle of sustainability.

The details of the process adopted by the Common Effluent Treatment Plant is explained in the attached pdf file.