Mr Jaggi Vasudev is an Indianyogi,poetandmystic.He is popularly known as Sadhguru and founded theIsha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offersYogaprograms around the world and is involved in social outreach], educationand environmental initiatives The foundation works in tandem with International bodies like theEconomic and Social Councilof theUnited Nations. Mr Vasudev has spoken at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit in 2000,theWorld Economic Forumin 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. He is

A worldwide survey on how buyer purchasing practices impact wages and working conditions amongst their vendors shows: 52% of vendors are accepting orders below the cost of production 29% of vendors struggle to pay workers 40% of vendors are likely to sub contract orders to other companies due to low prices 60% of vendors admitted that they had to take full responsibility for financing social compliance and other ethical and

Interesting statistics of Year 2016 … World Footwear Production was at 23 Billion pairs, somewhat static since 2014 as against a growth of 15 % during 2010-2014. Production geography: *** Top 15 Exporters of Footwear in Billion US$:   *** Footwear Consumption in Million pairs region-wise totalling to 20 Billion pairs:  

Color Psychology how important it is in brand marketing . From the orange at Hermes to the red coating ofChristian Loubotins shoe soles, brands have often distinguished themselves by incorporating emblematic colors into their products. Color can trigger brand recognition almost immediately. Think of H&Ms red, Starbucks green or Gaps blue. These brands have become virtually synonymous with the colors that represent them.The consistency and frequency with which each of

Its all about the Tagline !!   A Tagline or an advertisement slogan can bring in a lot of benefits for business and branding. It fortifies your ideas and allows customers to connect with your message. In fact several businesses are recognised by their taglines and their standing in the market place is influenced by it. So if you dont have a Tagline get one fast as: It sets you


Aug 2017

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Notes on World Leather Congress held in Shanghai on 29th August 2017 . If this is the highest forum for the leather industry, then it was a little disappointing. Speaker after speaker repeating same few words sustainability, traceability, transparency, long term customer relationship, RSL etc. Hardly any fresh thoughts except for Michael Shih, President of Tung Hong tannery. Clearly industry is on the back foot, trying to fight back and

Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink so said the sailor in The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge. He of course was referring to the sea. Giant strides in technology since then has seen the Gulf countries setting up huge desalination plants to fuel their water requirement in a rain starved part of the world. India is now leading the way in processing potable water

What is happening today is a most profound shift in the retail and apparel space. the shift from a supply-driven world to a demand-driven world, and the cultural change needed to thrive today. I came across a very interesting take on whats happening today in the retail sector and a peek at how companies need to correct themselves to survive , leave alone thrive , in this new world order

Have you Baahubalified? Have you seen Baahubali-2 The Conclusion? To the uninitiated that’s an Indian movie which has taken India and the World by storm. The movie industry is huge in India, probably next only to Hollywood but this one is the mother of all movies. Filmed at a cost of US$ 50 million it has grossed US$ 150 million in the first 10 days of release. With many more

I would like to move away from writing about retail and marketing this time and focus on the India growth story. It is true that India still has its share of problems but then the mood today is so very upbeat that while one used to earlier hope for a better future, today it looks certain. The ruling Government appear to be going from strength to strength and one can