Have you Baahubalified? Have you seen Baahubali-2 The Conclusion? To the uninitiated that’s an Indian movie which has taken India and the World by storm. The movie industry is huge in India, probably next only to Hollywood but this one is the mother of all movies. Filmed at a cost of US$ 50 million it has grossed US$ 150 million in the first 10 days of release. With many more days to come here in India and more countries yet to join in the fever that is Baahubali, that figure is going to multiply. Released simultaneously in over 9000 screens worldwide and dubbed into several languages, both Indian and foreign, this movie has set a new benchmark in movie making. Surely more clones will follow but will it be able to re-create the magic that is Baahubali, well it remains to be seen.

But wait a minute , this is a corporate web site so what is an Indian movie doing in my Blog. There has to be a message for the corporate world some where right? Well there happens to be, not one but many. But to know more about that you need to visit your closest multiplex and watch Baahubali -2 The Conclusion.

Happy Viewing.