There is that iconic scene in WOLF OF WALLSTREET where Caprio poses a question which would have surely been part of any interview for a salesman job . “ Sell me this pen “ can set off a whole gamut of glib marketing talk but I found this version on LinkedIn to be a smart way of handling the question . Remember, it’s not about actually selling a pen. It’s

Mr Philip Kotler, the Marketing Guru, famously propagated the 4P’s of Marketing. The first P is of course the Product which also encompasses the packaging with which it is first transported as well as presented to the customer. Packaging is an important part of the branding process and plays a role in communicating the image and the identity of a company. Came across this new packaging concept by CAT shoes.

When I first travelled to Hong Kong in the mid 80’s the American dress-shoe brand JASMIN was ruling the roost, Pumps and Sandals whichever factories one visited and in a rainbow of colours. Dress shoes continued to occupy pride of place for several years after that before allowing alternate materials and styles to thwart their progress. Came across this article recently and it is indeed a sign of good times

I came across this post on LinkedIn. No idea where it has been put up but whoever has done it is spot on. People’s aspirations have gone up several notches and with it their perceptions when it comes to buying decisions. As a maker of a small and cheap car soon realised that when someone aspires to graduate from a two-wheeler to a four, would he just settle for something

Last Sunday evening I ran into a cousin who I have not seen for many years so we greeted each other as long lost friends as we wanted to catch up on all that’s been happening . She looked a bit forlorn so I asked what was troubling her . She told me that her tailor of 20 years had passed away the previous week and she had no idea

I am reproducing below an article that I recently came across. It once again highlights one of the basic tenets of marketing, made even more important now in a crowded market place . With growing threat from on-line retail, brick-&-mortar stores have to ramp up their business model to make shopping a pleasurable experience. POS interactions with customers have to be toned up as that will only add to the